Why I'm Running for Mayor

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United Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

High Point's legacy of triumphs and innovation has touched lives across the globe. We have not only preserved that legacy, but we've also embarked on a path of renewal to reinvigorate our city's core, fostering economic opportunities that enrich the lives of families like yours and mine, all while upholding the values that form the bedrock of our community.

But the work is far from over. There are critical challenges that demand our attention, and there are opportunities waiting to be seized. Our city's potential knows no bounds, and it's my unwavering belief that by working together, we can address these challenges and transform opportunities into reality.

If entrusted with the role of Mayor, I will remain committed to fostering job growth, championing fair and improved housing options, and putting your concerns and aspirations at the forefront of our agenda. Together, we will shape a community that our families can flourish in and take pride in calling home.

I believe that if we stand united today, then we will be stronger tomorrow.

I appreciate you visiting this landing page for our campaign to learn more about me, my platform, and ways you can get involved, and I look forward to seeing you at the polls on October 10th for the Primary and again on November 7th for the General Election!

Get to Know Cyril


This work is personal for me and my family...

I want to build the kind of city that my family and others can thrive in and be proud to call home. Expanding opportunities for every community within our city will ensure that High Point is in a great position for generations to come.

A Life of Service

As a member of city council and business owner, I have dedicated my life to serving others by creating opportunities and mobilizing resources for economic growth. Our work has made a positive impact by helping to grow small businesses, providing effective support for individuals burdened by poverty, and exposing youth to better pathways through education & mentorship.

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Visionary Leadership & Collaborative Innovation

Building for our future requires having a compelling vision for where we can go and coming up with effective solutions for how we will achieve our goals together as a community. My role in the creation of Thrive High Point where we raised $3 million for small businesses, as well as bringing Carolina Core FC professional soccer team - an initiative that has brought millions more in private investment to our city - are examples of my commitment to doing the work.

"Doing the Work"

Being sworn in (Dec 2019) - photo
West End ministries ribbon cutting - photo (Nov 2019)
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Platform: Blueprint to Build High Point's Future

My platform is built on three pivotal pillars - Prosperity, Livability, and Safety - all intricately woven to create a thriving, secure, and business-friendly environment.

1st Focus of our Platform | Blueprint for Prosperity:

It starts with jobs and a strong economic base for the city.

  • Investing in strategies to support the growth of small businesses. To date, I have successfully led efforts to raise more than $3 million for programs that have benefited more than 500 entrepreneurs.
  • Continuing successful efforts of our Economic Development Corporation to attract companies that will bring jobs to our region. NC is currently #1 in the country for job growth and business recruitment.
  • Ensuring we have a workforce pipeline to match our economic growth by improving our workforce development programs and attracting talented professionals to live in our city. This will also help with addressing the labor shortages that are being felt in most industries right now. We must be innovative to think about the skills that are needed for a 21st century workforce.
  • Partnering with our business community to listen and learn how our city can improve, as shown in the events led by my team to bring business leaders to the table.

2nd Focus of our Platform | Blueprint for Livability:

To attract businesses and talented professionals to High Point, we need to ensure our city is livable through infrastructure investments and housing.

  • Investing in Sidewalks & "Complete Streets": these are streets that are designed and operated to enable safe passage and support mobility for all users. This includes people of all ages and abilities, regardless of whether they are traveling as drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, or public transportation riders.
  • Expanding public transportation into areas of the city that do not currently run routes and reducing travel time for riders to reach their destination. This ensures that residents will be able to access the jobs that are coming to our region.
  • Ensuring that the city's housing stock is adequate in terms of quantity and quality for residents living here now and in the future. Housing must be attainable. We must also adopt and enact policies to support Fair Housing so that no High Point residents face discrimination.
  • Improving other areas of our infrastructure to support our anticipated population growth by reducing negative impacts of urban sprawl and ensuring that residents will have public safety needs provided for.
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3rd Focus of our Platform | Blueprint for Safety:

Research shows that areas of concentrated poverty also have higher rates of crime. As we increase economic opportunities for our city's residents, crime will continue to go down.

  • Supporting public education & opportunities for youth through mentorship, gang intervention programming, workforce development initiatives, and mental health support. Great communities must have great schools. 
  • Continuing efforts to remove illegal guns from the streets to ensure it continues having a positive effect on our neighborhoods - we have seen significant decreases in violent crimes with this strategy.
  • Continuing to work with High Point Police Department in its community engagement efforts where our officers are building better relationships with neighborhoods and using culturally-sensitive methods to de-escalate issues, which is also enabling a better perception of law enforcement throughout the community.
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Help Us Power Our Movement

Together, we will do the unthinkable. See below for ways to give online and by check.

Contributions can also be made by check:

  • Made out to “The Committee to Elect Cyril Jefferson.”
  • Mailed to P.O. Box 6314, High Point, NC 27262-2598.

We kindly ask that all donors provide your name, address, employer, & job title for campaign finance reporting purposes.

"When it comes to our city's future, I am incredibly optimistic and confident that we will do great things. Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard all that we will accomplish together."

- Cyril Jefferson, Mayoral Candidate 2023
High Point, NC

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6314 High Point NC 27262 | Filing Address: 1448 Bailey Circle, High Point, NC 27262